Yuzvendra Chahal, Arshdeep are two people missing in this WC team: Harbhajan Singh

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On September 7, in New Delhi.
Indian cricketers Yuzvendra Chahal and Arshdeep Singh should have been chosen for the 15-member team that will play in the upcoming ODI World Cup. This statement was made by former Indian offspinner Harbhajan Singh on Thursday.
Chahal and Arshdeep were not chosen for the Indian team announced by the selection committee led by Ajit Agarkar on Tuesday.
I believe that two individuals are not present in this group. First is Yuzvendra Chahal, and second is Arshdeep Singh. Harbhajan said during a virtual press conference organized by Star Sports that a left-arm seamer can be helpful in the game if they can make the new ball move inward.
“If he can get two wickets early in the game, I mean it’s not impossible for right-handed bowlers to do that, but left-handed bowlers have a better chance because of the angle they create. For instance, look at players like Shaheen Shah Afridi or Mitchell Starc from Australia, they really make a big difference in the game. ”
When Australia won the World Cup, Mitchell Starc had a big influence on the games. He made Brendan McCullum get out on the first ball. When a ball is coming towards a right-handed player really fast, it is always difficult to handle.
Chahal would always have been playing on the team.
Harbhajan supports Chahal’s inclusion and thinks he is a very good player. Chahal has taken more wickets than any other spinner. If he played for another country, he would always be in the team.
Even though he has shown a lot, I believe he should be part of the team. If I was in charge, I would definitely choose to keep him on the team. Because we all have a share in Indian cricket. We want the Indian cricket team to do well.
These two guys would have been very useful in the World Cup, especially in situations where they are familiar with what needs to be done and how to get batsmen out. I think these two guys from India didn’t get it. Harbhajan was surprised to see that there were no right-arm spinners in the squad.
“We selected two spin bowlers who use their left arm, but they will never be on the field together in a single game. ” When Ravindra Jadeja plays, Axar will not play.
And it’s also possible that if the opposing team has many left-handed players, Jadeja might not even bowl. On that day, you’ll need a bowler who can make the ball go away from the left-handed batters.
“So, Chahal and Arshdeep should have been on the team, but it might be a big argument on who would be replaced. ”
“When choosing three spinners, it should be a mix of a left-arm spinner and either an offspinner or a legspinner. ” But I’m surprised when you don’t choose a leg spinner or an off spinner, and instead choose two left armers.
“Suryakumar is very talented and has many skills. ”
Harbhajan thinks that Suryakumar Yadav is a key player for the Indian team in the upcoming World Cup. He believes that Yadav is the best middle-order batsman in India at the moment.
Suryakumar, who is the best T20I batter in the world, still managed to keep his place in the World Cup squad even though he couldn’t perform as well in ODI matches. This resulted in a discussion about why Sanju Samson and rising allrounder Tilak Varma were not included in the squad.
“Suryakumar is skilled in various areas and has all the necessary qualities. ” I don’t think there is a better player than him in India where he bats. “He said that there are things he can do when he is positioned at number 5 or 6 in a cricket match that even Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, or Sanju Samson cannot do in the same way. ”
Suryakumar, who is really good at hitting the ball from all angles, is not doing well recently. He hasn’t scored fifty runs in his last 18 times at bat.
A lot of people may ask what he has achieved in ODI matches, but the influence he has had in T20 matches is sufficient. “The 43-year-old said that if someone plays an important and effective innings, it would make a significant difference. ”
“When you start batting from the 35th over, it’s important to find spaces between fielders, and Surya is excellent at doing that. ” He only needs 30 balls to make a difference in the game.
If I have the option, I will make him play every time. Harbhajan thinks that we shouldn’t ignore Surya’s talent. He also mentioned that it is important for Rohit and Virat, who are experienced players, to start the game well for the team.
Rohit and Virat Kohli will have a big impact on the game. Shreyas recently got injured and we need to see how well he plays. Ishan Kishan did well. We are not sure if KL Rahul will be able to play or not. Hardik Pandya will also have an important part to play, just like Rohit or Virat.
I think that in order to win the Cup, they will need to work together and play really great cricket. Other than that, it will be very difficult to be truthful. India and Pakistan will compete against each other in the Asia Cup. Harbhajan believes that the match will be evenly matched.
“Playing together for six to eight months before a big tournament can have a significant impact. ” You understand what you need to do, what is expected of you, and the pace you should keep.
Going into the World Cup, these things are very important and make things easier. In the past, whenever India and Pakistan played against each other, there was an 80 percent chance that India would win. Now, it’s equally balanced because Pakistan has a stable team.
“It will be a little bit of a disadvantage for India, but it will also give them a chance to get settled in the limited time they have. ” “If the connection begins to fit together and falls into place,” he said.

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