Jenni Hermoso accuses Luis Rubiales of sexual assault for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 kiss

Madrid, the capital of Spain, on September 6th.
Spanish soccer player Jenni Hermoso has accused Luis Rubiales of forcing a kiss on her lips without her permission after the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup final, as per the country’s prosecutors’ office.
Rubiales, who was recently suspended as the president of the Spanish soccer federation, kissed Hermoso on the lips after Spain won the title by defeating England on August 20 in Sydney, Australia.

Rubiales says both people agreed to the kiss. Hermoso says it didn’t happen. She also mentioned that she and her family felt forced by the federation to publicly support Rubiales right after the controversy caused by the kiss, which brought a bad name to her team’s achievement.
Spain’s government, players’ unions, players, and many citizens have expressed their support for Hermoso.
Rubiales has been rejected from the soccer community, but he continues to hold onto his position without stepping down.
Rubiales got in trouble with FIFA and was unable to do his job after August 27. This happened because he refused to resign when he gave a strong speech at a meeting of his organization. In his speech, he said he was being unfairly targeted by people who falsely claim to support women’s rights.
The prosecutor’s office said that Hermoso made a statement on Tuesday. Prosecutors said earlier that they planned to meet with Hermoso so she could make a complaint against Rubiales.
Hermoso, a 33-year-old soccer player, currently plays for the team called Pachuca in Mexico. He has had a successful career playing for famous clubs in Spain and Europe, such as Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Atletico Madrid.
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