Gautam Gambhir shows middle finger to crowd, says he was reacting to anti-India slogans

On September 4, in Pallekele, Sri Lanka.
Gautam Gambhir, a former cricket player from India, raised his middle finger at the audience during a match against Pakistan in the Asia Cup. He said he did this because some people in the crowd were chanting things against India.
A video on social media shows Gambhir making a rude gesture at the crowd during India’s important match against their rivals. The match got cancelled because of continuous rain.
When you go to watch a sports event, please don’t start chanting political slogans. If you are saying things against India and shouting about Kashmir, I won’t stay silent. Gambhir said that social media does not show everything completely.
Some people in the media said that when Gambhir was walking back to the broadcasting area from the ground in Pallekele during the rain delay, people were chanting “Kohli, Kohli”.
But Gambhir said that his reaction was not because of people chanting “Kohli, Kohli. ”
“Anything you see on social media is not necessarily true. ” People share only the things they want others to see on social media. What really happened was that people were shouting slogans against India.
“There were catchy phrases about Kashmir as well. ” So, people will definitely have a response, either positive or negative, or they will find it funny.
Gambhir is working as a commentator for the continental tournament.

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