Asia cup: Form over name

Mumbai, on September 3rd
Former India opener Gautam Gambhir said that Ishan Kishan has done everything required to be included in the World Cup team instead of KL Rahul. Gambhir also said that Rahul wouldn’t have been chosen if he was up against Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli.
Kishan earned an important score of 82 runs to stop India from losing in their first game of the Asia Cup against Pakistan. The game was cancelled due to rain, but Kishan, who is both a wicketkeeper and a batter, achieved his fourth consecutive score of fifty runs in One Day International matches.
At number one. Kishan’s good batting against Pakistan not only saved India but also made him a top choice for the wicketkeeper-batter position. Rahul is unable to play in the early stages of the tournament due to an injury.
Gambhir said that India should focus on players who are performing well currently rather than relying on famous players for the World Cup. The host country is soon to announce their team for the tournament. Which is more important for winning a championship – reputation or performance. Gambhir, who was on the teams that won the 2007 T20 and 2011 ODI World Cups, said. “Would you still think Rahul could take their place if Rohit or Virat had also scored four fifties in a row. ”
“The main idea is that when you are getting ready to win the World Cup, you don’t focus on a person’s name but instead evaluate them based on their performance. ” He said that you pick the player who can do well and help you win the World Cup.
Gambhir said that it was surprising that Kishan, who usually starts the game, was able to score runs at a different position in the batting order. The fact that the 25-year-old performed well under a lot of pressure suggests that they were in good shape or did a good job. “I think Ishan has done everything he needs to do to be a leading candidate,” Gambhir said. “He is saying that you shouldn’t say Rahul should play before him just because he hasn’t played a lot of international cricket. ”
“Ishan has made runs in the middle of the batting lineup at the fifth position. This leads me to my point that, in order to win the World Cup, it is important to have good performance rather than just reputation. ”
“A dimension that favors left-handedness. ”
Sunil Gavaskar, a former captain of India, also complimented Kishan, saying that he brings a unique quality to the team’s batting lineup. I believe he demonstrated that a starting batter can bat in any position in the lineup. “It’s difficult when a batter who usually bats in the middle order has to come in and open the batting,” Gavaskar said.
A player who starts the batting can be placed anywhere in the order, and he adds a left-handed aspect to the Indian batting lineup. “He said that if you examine the top four, they are all batters who hold the bat with their right hand. ”
Plus, he can speed up very quickly. He may seem little, but he is very strong. He hit a few really long hits and the way he batted was very impressive because he usually likes to attack the bowlers. But he was attentive when necessary, understood the situation, he said. Government organizations
Rahul may get chosen for the World Cup.
KL Rahul has been given permission to play in the World Cup because he is now fit. A list of 15 players who may play in the World Cup will be announced soon, and KL Rahul is expected to be on that list. Yesterday, the head selector Ajit Agarkar came here and talked with the captain, Rohit Sharma, and the head coach, Rahul Dravid, after India played against Pakistan. Ishan Kishan will be the second person who catches the cricket ball, so Sanju Samson won’t get to do it. Suryakumar Yadav has also been included in the team, even though he has not performed well in previous ODI matches.
Bumrah will not play in the Nepal game.
In Pallekele, India wanted to see how well Jasprit Bumrah would perform after being injured for a long time. They wanted to see how he bowled in 10 overs. But, because it rained and Pakistan couldn’t play, Bumrah couldn’t participate either. His performance would have been closely watched in the match against Nepal, but the fast bowler won’t be playing because of personal reasons.
Are the games going to be moved from Colombo.
The Asian Cricket Council is considering moving the Super Four matches to a different location because of heavy rain in Colombo. Five very important cricket matches and the final game will take place in Colombo. However, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the bad weather will improve. Some people said that the places Pallekele, Dambulla, and Hambantota are being thought about.
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