My endeavour is to defend my Olympic gold in Paris next year: Neeraj Chopra

New Delhi, on September 1.
Neeraj Chopra, a famous javelin thrower, said he will try his best to keep his Olympic gold in Paris next year and his World Championships title in 2025.
A person named Chopra, who is 25 years old, won a competition in Budapest for javelin throwing. He made a throw of 88. 17m, and this win means he now holds both the Olympic and World Championships titles, making him only the third person in history to do so.
When asked if he can be like Jan Zelezny, who was a famous athlete from the Czech Republic and won many Olympic and World Championships titles, Chopra said that anything is possible if he stays motivated and focused on his game. He wants to defend his title and is willing to work hard to achieve that. Before Chopra, Jan Zelezny and Andreas Thorkildsen from Norway were the only athletes to hold both the Olympics and World Championships titles at the same time.
Zelezny, who is also Chopra’s role model, won the gold medal at the Olympics in 1992, 1996, and 2000. He also became the World Champion in 1993, 1995, and 2001.
Thorkildsen won first place in the 2008 Olympics and the 2009 World Championships.
Chopra said it would be difficult to win another gold medal in the Olympics in Paris.
Winning the first title in Tokyo was very difficult, and it will be even harder to defend it because everyone will be ready. The upcoming Olympics will have a lot more pressure and higher expectations compared to the previous ones, including my own expectations.
The most crucial thing is to keep myself safe and prevent getting hurt. I want to stay healthy and avoid getting hurt so I can win all my championships again. The next World Championship will take place in Tokyo.
Chopra, who came in second place in the Zurich Diamond League on Thursday, mentioned that he had a cough and a sore throat before the World Championships.
I didn’t say this before because I didn’t want people to think I was making up an excuse. But I had a cough and a sore throat before the qualifying round of the World Championships. I was facing difficulties.
I am still having a problem in Zurich. I was not completely healthy. However, I will be okay, a athlete’s life is like that. After only three days, Chopra participated in the Zurich Diamond League again and he admitted that he had difficulty in the first three throws and didn’t feel confident.
He started with a distance of 80. 79 meters, but then he made two bad throws.
In Zurich, everyone was really tired. It was hard to reach the highest point after the World Championships. I had some trouble getting to my best level, and it took some time. I didn’t feel like I had a good warm-up and was prepared.
I had a hard time with my first three attempts, and my approach before throwing was not going well. The throws were not strong and I was not confident. I thought I might not be in the top eight after the third round.
“I gave it my all for the last three throws, although I didn’t give it my full effort. ” But I threw the javelin over 85 meters twice. In my fourth try, I threw it 85. 22 metersThen in my last throw, I threw it the farthest at 85. 71 meters and won the silver medal.
He stated that he didn’t need to give his full effort because he has already qualified for the Diamond League finals in Eugene, USA, on September 16 (September 17 in India).
“I have already earned a spot in the big race called the Diamond League finals. ” Sometimes, your body isn’t prepared and if you strain it too much, that can cause future problems.
“I will give my best effort in the DL final in Eugene and the Asian Games (starting September 23). After the final in Budapest on Sunday, Arshad Nadeem, who won the silver for Pakistan, initially couldn’t find his country’s flag. ” Chopra asked him to come and be in a picture with the Indian.
Arshad has achieved something great for his country by winning a silver medal in the World Championships. I felt sad because he didn’t have the Pakistan flag with him at that time. He was sad too. He received the flag afterwards.
I phoned him and also invited Jakub to take a picture with us. He arrived quickly and behaved in a pleasant manner.
Every athlete puts in a lot of effort and works very hard. In people’s homes, they believe there is a rivalry between India and Pakistan, but we should appreciate anyone who performs well and wins medals. Chopra also mentioned that javelin throw competitions, for both men and women, have become global events and are no longer dominated only by Europeans.
Chopra said that he achieved his dream by winning gold in the Olympics and World Championships, and he wants to motivate young people in the country. The text cannot be seen as it is labeled as HTML code.

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