Injuries disrupted our plans: Dravid

India had locked their number one spot in the Test rankings after winning the match in Bengaluru on August 29th. In simpler terms, the text is saying “4” and “No. ” 5 spots for the ODI World Cup nearly 18 months ago, but when three batters got injured one after another, it caused a problem for their plans, according to coach Rahul Dravid. Dravid explained that because of injuries to Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul, and Rishabh Pant, the team had to test different players in the middle-order. Rewrite this text in simpler words: “The number one. The discussion about the 4 and 5 spots is causing confusion about who will be there. Dravid said he knew 18 months ago who the three candidates for the two spots were. It was always between Shreyas, KL, and Rishabh. There was definitely no doubt. It’s sad that all three of them got hurt within two months. What are the chances of that happening, all three men had to have surgery. So, you need to respond and make other people do the same things,” he said. Jasprit Bumrah and Prasidh Krishna, who are key players, returned after being injured for a long time. The coach is happy to have more choices for fast bowlers. It’s nice to have them back and see them doing well in bowling. We have missed Jasprit a lot. We will gradually help him get used to it. Ireland was a nice chance to help him get comfortable. He said we have a whole month to improve before the World Cup. The game played by PTI is risky. In the picture, Rohit Sharma is giving batting advice to Shubman Gill. Rohit Sharma balanced being careful and being bold in his batting, which made it more interesting. The Indian captain is pleased with how it turned out. After the 2019 World Cup, Rohit achieved 27 hundreds, but in the past four years, he only managed to add three more centuries to his total. Rohit said that he wanted to do things that were more uncertain or dangerous, and because of that, his results or values are a bit changed now. “He said that my strike-rate in One Day Internationals has gone up recently, but my average has slightly decreased. ” Rohit is the only player who has scored three doubles hundreds, but he hasn’t scored a knock above 150 since 2019. My success rate in my job is usually about 90%, but in the last few years it has been around 105-110%. So I had to find a middle ground or give up something. He said that it is not possible to have an average of 55 and a strike-rate of 110. Please rewrite the text in simple words.

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