Neeraj Chopra effect fuels world record three Indians in top six of World Championships javelin final

New Delhi on August 28
Indian athletes in the javelin event are doing really well. At the World Championships final, three Indians were among the top six finishers, which has never happened before.
Germany, known for its strong javelin throwing, has had three of its competitors finish in the top eight at the World Championships on four occasions (1995, 2003, 2015, 2017). However, they have never had three participants from Germany finish in the top six of the final.
In Budapest on Sunday, Chopra won a gold medal in the World Championships. He had previously won a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics. Kishore Jena and DP Manu finished in fifth and sixth place, respectively.
Jena and Manu participated in their first World Championships, while Chopra won a silver medal in the 2022 edition.
In simple words: India had four entries because Chopra got a wild card as the Diamond League champion. But Rohit Yadav couldn’t be in the important event because he had to have surgery on his arm that he uses to throw.
Only very strong countries like Germany, USA, and Finland have had three athletes make it to the final in the past.
“Yes, it is an amazing accomplishment,” said Radhakrishnan Nair, the coach in charge of the country’s athletics team.
Top officials of Athletics Federation of India (AFI) believe that India has a good chance of winning two medals in men’s javelin at the upcoming major championships.
After Chopra’s impressive performance in Tokyo, there was a sudden increase in people’s interest in javelin throw across the country. But most importantly, Indians gained more confidence that they can win medals in major global athletic championships.
The country currently has nine javelin throwers who have thrown the javelin over 80m. This is one of the biggest groups of javelin throwers in the world.
A group of people including Chopra, Shivpal Singh, Jena, Manu, Rohit, Yash Vir Singh, Vikrant Malik, Sahil Silwal, and Sachin Yadav have thrown an object at a distance of more than 80 meters. Abhishek Singh, Anuj Kalera, and Abhishek Drall are also almost reaching the same distance.
“There are many talented javelin throwers in the country and Chopra’s accomplishments have created opportunities for young people in the country. ” According to Jena’s coach, Samarjeet Singh Malhi, a big country like ours will have many talented individuals. However, having talent alone is not enough. You need to have the drive and determination to do your best.
Chopra has proved that Indian athletes can succeed and win medals at international competitions. In the past, there was a lack of confidence. “So, he said that in the future we will have improved and more successful outcomes, which is definitely going to happen. ”
Jena threw his best ever distance of 84. 77m, which put him in third place among Indian athletes after Chopra and Shivpal Singh (who threw 86. 23m)
The AFI made a special event called ‘Kids Javelin’ with help from a sports equipment company. They wanted to make the sport safer and easier for kids under 14 to play.
The National Inter-District Junior Athletics Meet in Patna had 1137 boys and 849 girls competing in the ‘Kids Javelin’ competition for those under 14 years old.
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