Having last met his parents two years ago, Kishore Jena might have to wait longer for homecoming

New Delhi, August 28
Indian javelin thrower Kishore Kumar Jena sometimes feels sad because he misses home, especially when his sisters are not there to help him make a video call with his old parents.
Being away from family is something that professional athletes have to give up.
Jena hasn’t seen his parents in two years and he might not be able to see them for another year because he is busy preparing for the Paris Olympics.
On Sunday, he did well and came in fifth place in the javelin throw final at the World Championships.
My parents are not very familiar with using smartphones. I can only see my younger sisters when they visit my parents and we do a video call.
“I haven’t been to my home for two years,” said Jena, feeling emotional, when speaking with PTI Bhasha on the phone from Budapest.
Legendary athlete Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal, but his teammates Jena and DP Manu also did well. Jena achieved a personal best of 84. 77m
After a successful time in Budapest, is he going to visit his hometown in Kothasahi, which is a few hours away from Puri in Odisha.
I don’t think I can return before the Paris Olympics are over. Since 2021, I have either been at national camps in Patiala or traveling to participate in different events. “I might not be home again next year,” Jena said.
He is turning 28 soon and started doing javelin when he was 20 years old.
I used to play volleyball, but I didn’t start playing javelin until 2015. I stayed at the Sports Hostel in Bhubaneswar first and then moved to NIS, Patiala. No one in my family knows about sports.
We are a family who is not very rich or very poor. Our father works as a farmer, and there are seven children in our family. I have six sisters, and all of them are married.
The man said that he wants to make his parents proud because his father always supported his love for sports, even though he had to marry six daughters on a limited budget. The man now works for the Central Industrial Security Force.
Jena believes that the great experience he gained from participating in the World meet will make him perform better at the Asian Games in Hangzhou.
“I felt a little anxious because this was the most significant event in my professional life. ” I was unsure if I would be able to do well or not. Jena said she is happy with how well she did.
Jena said it is a big deal to compete with a famous person like Chopra, but the World Champion has been very supportive and motivating.
Clearly, when the event is happening, everyone is concentrating on their own performances. I threw the object not very well, and I told Chopra that I was a little sad about it.
He said, “Don’t worry. I will take care of it. ” Nevermind It has disappeared. “Pay attention to the upcoming throw and have faith in me, you will perform effectively. ” It made me feel really sure of myself. Jena said, “We are proud because three of us were in the top six. ”
Now we are talking about Hangzhou and Jena believes she will finish in the top three.
“The worry about a costly event is gone after the Budapest championship. ” I think this experience will be useful in Hangzhou. Neeraj Chopra has begun a movement and we should all continue the good work, he finished.
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