‘Happy that we are…’: Javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem on Neeraj Chopra and India-Pak ‘rivalry’

Karachi, August 28: Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem and Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra will compete for the gold medal at the Paris Olympics. Both athletes are happy to be leading in a sport that was previously dominated by Europeans. Nadeem has become very popular in Pakistan after winning a silver medal in the men’s javelin throw at the World Athletics Championship. Chopra, who is the Olympic champion, won the gold medal. Nadeem and Chopra have a friendly competition and a lot of respect for each other. Pakistan and India do not have a negative rivalry. Nadeem said he is happy that both him and his friend have done well in a competition usually dominated by Europeans. Last year, Nadeem won a gold medal in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Nadeem feels satisfied with his silver medal at the Worlds because he competed against Chopra, who is one of the best in recent years. Chopra couldn’t compete in the Commonwealth Games due to an injury, and Arshad won the gold. After the final, Chopra invited Nadeem to celebrate together. Nadeem feels proud of his achievement because he returned to international competition after surgery. Their rivalry has become a topic of discussion among javelin throwers. What was special on Sunday was that both Pakistani and Indian athletes were in the spotlight at the same time in the World Championships. After Nadeem won the silver medal, there were calls on social media in Pakistan to reward him for his success. The caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaar-ul-Haq-Kakar, was the first to congratulate him. Nadeem’s journey started in his village in Mian Chunnu, Pakistan, where his brothers and sports teacher encouraged him to take up athletics instead of cricket. He would run 2-3 km every day from his village to school, which helped him build his strength. Despite receiving praise, Nadeem remains focused on his goal of winning a gold medal in the Paris Games next year. He wants to win an Olympic gold for his country. I will need to work very hard and train a lot, and I need the best equipment. But now I know I can do well against the best. Like many other athletes, Nadeem doesn’t have access to the best coaches, training from other countries, and the best equipment because the Pakistan Athletics Federation doesn’t have enough money and the country doesn’t have good training facilities for javelin throwers. Thankfully, Nadeem’s employer, Wapda, has given him coaches and facilities to train. Please rewrite the text.

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