Dalit woman stripped, son beaten to death by men over daughter’s sexual harassment case

On August 28 in Bhopal, there was an event.
A young person from the Dalit community was attacked and killed, and the person’s mother was reportedly undressed and hurt by a group of men in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh.
A terrible event occurred on Thursday night in Barodia Naungar village.
The person who was blamed also damaged the house of the Dalit family. The dead person’s mom said that when the police hurried to the place, they gave her a towel to cover herself.
At least nine people from the OBC and minority community have been arrested for committing crimes like murder, harassment, and causing harm. This information was shared by a police official from Sagar district on Saturday.
The police said that a group of men, led by Vikram Singh, broke into Nitin Ahirwar’s house on Thursday night. They made Nitin withdraw a case from 2019 about Vikram and his family members sexually harassing Nitin’s sister.
When Ahirwar said no, the attackers very cruelly attacked him with sticks and rods. According to his mother, when she came to help her son, the men attacked her, took off her clothes, and beat her.
A young Dalit person who was very injured was taken quickly to Bundelkhand Medical College in Sagar district. The doctors there said he had already died when he arrived.
In June 2023, some houses belonging to Dalit families were destroyed, even though they were built on land provided by the PM Awaas Yojana. The leader of the state’s Congress party, Kamal Nath, said that under the government led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Sagar district is becoming a place where Dalits are being mistreated. We want the grieving family to receive enough money. I spoke with the family and a group of Congress members met them in Sagar district.
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