ATP to trial minimum wage initiative from 2024

On August 23, there was an event.
The ATP, which is in charge of men’s tennis, said it will make sure its players earn a minimum amount of money starting in 2024. This will be tested for three years to see how it works.
The “Baseline” program will make sure that the top 250 ranked singles players make a certain amount of money each year. If they don’t earn enough, the ATP will give them more money to reach that amount.
In 2024, the prize money is $300,000 for the top 100 players, $150,000 for players ranked 101st to 175th, and $75,000 for players ranked 176th to 250th in the world.
The ATP plans to give money to about 30-45 players who meet certain requirements.
The ATP said that this assurance will help players make better plans for their seasons, concentrate on their game, and support their teams.
“This means paying for coaches, personal physiotherapists, and travel expenses. The top players earn a lot of money, including from sponsorships, but lower-ranked players rely heavily on their tournament winnings to make enough money. ”
During the COVID pandemic, when the season was temporarily stopped, many players faced serious money troubles. This made famous players like Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, and Novak Djokovic demand a solution.
The ATP has promised to help players who participate in fewer than nine ATP Tour and Challenger Tour events in a season because of injury.
The injury protection initiative has set three thresholds for 2024. The first threshold is $200,000 for the top 100, the second threshold is $100,000 for individuals ranked 101 to 175, and the third threshold is $50,000 for individuals ranked 176 to 250.
The chairman of ATP, Andrea Gaudenzi, who got re-elected for a second term in June, said that this initiative was a complete change in the way the sport deals with player money.
“Gaudenzi said that this shows our dedication to the players and their careers. We want to create a supportive atmosphere where they can succeed and improve the sport. ”
This is only the beginning of what we want to accomplish. Our goal is to continue growing this groundbreaking initiative in the future.

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