Women’s WC: Sweden out to stop fast furious Japan

Auckland, on August 10th.
Tomorrow, Japan will have a tough match against Sweden. Japan is becoming more confident and it will test their chances of winning the championship. Spain will also be playing against the Netherlands, as they try to make it to the semifinals.
Twelve years ago, Nadeshiko became the first and only Asian country to win the Women’s World Cup in the 2011 tournament in Germany.
Futoshi Ikeda’s team is doing well and seems likely to achieve the same success as last year. They have scored 14 goals in four games, which is more than they have ever scored in a season before.
Hinata Miyazawa is an important player for Japan because she has scored the most goals in the tournament. Sweden’s captain, Magdalena Eriksson, said that the whole Japanese team is dangerous, not just Miyazawa. Instead of only looking at one player in the Japanese team, it is important to consider the entire team. The most amazing thing . It doesn’t matter who is being attacked by them. They all work together and have a very clear way of playing.
Sweden is relying on their knowledge and strength to help them win. The third-ranked Swedes have reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup seven times. They have beat the United States, who were expected to do well in the tournament, in the round of 16. The Swedes have not allowed any goals in their last three matches.
“This won’t be similar to the actual game we played against the USA. ” “It will be more difficult and faster,” Sweden manager Peter Gerhardsson said. “When we have the ball, we need to move it fast and use our physical strength to our advantage. ”
In Friday’s quarterfinal match, the Netherlands will be playing against Spain. Spain has won the past three meetings against the 2019 runners-up without letting them score any goals.
Spain is playing in their first-ever World Cup quarterfinals. Despite their team’s past losses against them, the Dutch coach Andries Jonker feels optimistic.
We really admire Spain and how well they have played in recent years . “However, we are not scared,” Jonker stated. We will try our best, and we strongly believe that we will achieve success. “It will be a fantastic match, and we believe strongly that we can succeed. ” – Reuters
England’s Lauren James has been given a 2-match ban.
Lauren James, a midfielder from England, got suspended for two matches today because she got a red card in the game against Nigeria in the Round of 16 at the Women’s World Cup. James got a red card because he acted violently by stepping on Nigeria defender Michelle Alozie. She won’t be able to play in the quarterfinals match against Colombia in Sydney on Saturday, and she may also miss a game in the semifinals. James has been really good in the tournament. He scored three goals and helped make three more goals for his team, England. Because of this, England moved forward as the winner of Group D. Ap is a short form for the word “application. “

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