Gymnast Dipa Karmakar likely to be considered for Asian Games

On August 7th in New Delhi.
Dipa Karmakar, a famous gymnast from India, might be chosen to represent India in the Asian Games. The Gymnastics Federation of India has asked the Sports Ministry to make an exception for her, even though she doesn’t fully meet the government’s requirements.
Dipa, who made Indian gymnastics well-known by coming in fourth place at the 2016 Rio Olympics, was not included in the final list of female gymnasts for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games starting on September 23. This is because she did not meet the criteria set by the ministry for selection.
The Sports Ministry has a rule for choosing athletes for the Asian Games. They say that in the year leading up to the games, athletes need to perform at least as well as the person who came in eighth place in the 2018 Asian Games.
Dipa came first in the trials in Bhubaneswar on July 11 and 12. She was included in the initial squad for the Asian Games, but was later removed because she did not meet the ministry’s requirements.
Dipa has made a big difference in Indian gymnastics. She hasn’t been competing for a few years because of injuries and being caught using banned drugs, but we should remember that she performed the best in the recent trials.
Dipa was sad that she didn’t get what she wanted, so she went to the government and asked for them to change their decision. The Gymnastics Federation of India also sent a letter to the Sports Authority of India to ask them to think about Dipa’s situation.
Dipa had a surgery in 2017 to fix her ACL injury, but she continued to have issues with her knee that prevented her from participating in important competitions. As a result, she was unable to attend the 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart.
Dipa couldn’t compete in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 because she got injured and the Asian Championships got canceled.
The gymnast was banned from competition for 21 months because she tested positive for a drug she wasn’t allowed to use. The ban ended on July 10th of this year.
“We have sent a letter to Sports Authority of India asking them to think about Dipa’s situation, and it seems like they might give her some leniency. ” “We feel pretty good about it,” he added.
“The football teams have been given a break, so Dipa should also be given one. We have received a positive response from SAI. ” “Sahoo said that she will probably be released this week. ”
A government official also said that Dipa may be allowed to take it easy because of her contributions to Indian gymnastics.
“Dipa and the federation (GFI) have asked us to relax the eligibility criteria. We will discuss this matter this week and most likely, she will be considered,” said the official.
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