Vinesh, Bajrang could be withdrawn from Asian Games squad if they lose Worlds trials: Ad-hoc panel member

New Delhi, July 25
A member of the committee said that if Bajrang Punia and Vinesh Phogat lose the upcoming trials for the World Championships, they should be taken out of India’s Asian Games squad. The proposal will be made to the IOA’s ad-hoc panel.
Punia and Phogat were given automatic spots in the quadrennial showpiece event for wrestling. The other participants in the different weight categories had to go through tough selection trials on July 22-23 to earn a place in the Indian team for the Hangzhou Games, which start on September 23.
Punia, Phogat, and four other wrestlers gathered at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar for a protest from April 21 to May 28. They requested an extension until August 10 to get ready for the trials.
But the Olympic Council Asia (OCA) did not give more time after July 23 for wrestlers to submit their names.
The IOA panel made a decision to hold trials, but they didn’t include Punia and Phogat. This made the wrestling community upset because they felt the decision was unfair.
We will suggest to the group that only if Bajrang and Vinesh win the trials for the World Championship, then they should be chosen to participate in the Asian Games. If they do not win, they should not be sent to the Asian Games. If Bajrang doesn’t win the trial, he will have to wait and Vishal Kaliraman, the winner of the Asian Games trial, will go instead, said Gian Singh, a member of the panel, according to PTI.
Currently, Kaliraman (men’s freestyle 65kg) and Antim Panghal (women’s 53kg) are backup players. They won the Asian Games trials in weight categories where Bajrang and Vinesh are participating.
Possible factors for consideration.
In the Olympic weight divisions, the four best athletes from the Asian Games trials, along with one of the six wrestlers who are protesting in that same category, will be combined to create a single group.
We suggest that the two people who came in third place during the July 22-23 trials should compete against each other. The winner of that match will then go on to play against the person who won the overall trial. The wrestler who doesn’t have to compete will go up against the grappler who didn’t win the final match.
Gian Singh explained that the winners of these fights will compete against each other to earn a spot on the Indian team for the Worlds.
“This is what we plan to suggest in the upcoming impromptu committee gathering. ” Let’s find out if they agree or not.
Other than Punia and Vinesh, the other wrestlers in these groups will be Sakshi Malik, her husband Satyawart Kadian, Jitender Kinha, and Punia’s wife Sangeeta Phogat.
Sakshi, Sangeeta, Kadian, and Kinha didn’t participate in the Asian Games tryouts.
Gian Singh mentioned that none of the six wrestlers have told them yet if they will compete in the Worlds trial.
For the weight categories that are not part of the Olympics, there will be trials that anyone who is eligible can participate in. There will be a weight allowance of up to two kilograms for everyone.
In men’s wrestling, there are weight categories like 61kg, 70kg, 79kg, and 92kg that are not a part of the Olympic Games. Likewise, women’s wrestling has weight categories of 55kg, 59kg, 65kg, and 72kg that are also not included in the Olympics. In Greco Roman style, there are different weight categories: 55kg, 63kg, 72kg, and 82kg.
The wrestlers who competed in the Asian Games trials and worked really hard to win, think it’s not fair that they have to compete in the trials again.
We have recently completed some tests. Should we train or begin preparing for another competition (Worlds). This is very painful. It takes a toll on the body. A wrestler who won the Asian Games trial said it’s time to focus on getting ready for the tournament instead of being stressed about losing weight, which can be harmful to the body.
“It doesn’t make sense to plan the trials again. ” They are refusing to assist the wrestlers. “It’s a challenging sport. ”
Gian Singh said that everyone needs to participate in the trials.
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