ICC hands Harmanpreet Kaur two-match suspension for outburst in Dhaka

Dubai, July 25 The International Cricket Council (ICC) has given a two-match suspension to Harmanpreet Kaur, the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team. This is because she behaved badly during the third One Day International (ODI) match against Bangladesh. Harmanpreet was punished for getting angry and breaking the stumps when the umpire declared her out. She also criticized the match officials publicly. The suspension means that Harmanpreet may miss two important matches in the Asian Games in China in September-October. During the match, Harmanpreet was declared out by the umpire, but she disagreed and said she hit the ball. She was very angry and broke the stumps. After the match, she called the umpiring “pathetic” and suggested that the umpires should also join the teams for the trophy ceremony. The captain of the Bangladesh team, Nigar Sultana, was upset by Harmanpreet’s rude behavior and walked away with her team. She told Harmanpreet to learn some manners. Harmanpreet was also fined for arguing with the umpire’s decision and for criticizing the umpires. She admitted that she did these things and agreed to the punishment given by the ICC. So, they didn’t have a formal meeting because the penalties were given right away. A Level 2 breach usually means the player gets a penalty of 50 to 100 percent of their money for the game and three or four demerit points. A Level 1 breach means they get a warning or a penalty of up to 50 percent of their money for the game and one or two demerit points. In this case, because the player got four demerit points, they were suspended from playing in one test match or two ODIs or two T20Is. Rewrite this paragraph using simpler words: Rewrite this passage using easier words.

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