Harmanpreet Kaur banned for two games after Dhaka outburst

Dubai, July 25: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has given a two-match suspension to the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team, Harmanpreet Kaur. This is because of her actions during the third game of a series against Bangladesh. Harmanpreet got in trouble for getting very angry and breaking the stumps after the umpire said she was out. She also criticized the umpires publicly. The ICC has now suspended her for two matches because of this. This could mean she might miss two important games in the Asian Games. When she got out, she said she didn’t agree with the decision and got really mad, which is why she broke the stumps. Later, she said that the umpiring was really bad and made sarcastic comments about the umpires. The Bangladesh captain, Nigar Sultana, walked away with her team because of the rude behavior of the Indian captain. She also told the Indian captain to learn some manners. Shantha Rangaswamy, a former Indian captain, said that Harmanpreet’s behavior was not suitable for an Indian captain. “She acted terribly. ” If she had just stopped after she was fired (which some people might have accepted), it would have been okay. But what she did during the presentation was not good for the game. Shantha said, “She acted too quickly and went too far. ” “She said Harman went there to represent our country and he should have acted appropriately. ” Can you give me the text you would like me to simplify.

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