Coping with expectations major factor in India’s home World Cup campaign: Kapil Dev

Bengaluru, on July 25th
India is expected to be the favorite team in the ICC World Cup 2023. Former captain Kapil Dev advised the home team to handle the pressure of expectations in order to win the trophy again.
India, who have won the tournament two times in the past, will be excited to win another title after a break of 12 years. The tournament will take place from October 5 to November 19.
I’m not sure how things will turn out. They haven’t said who will be on the World Cup team yet. Kapil said that India is always the favorite in tournaments, and this has been the case for a long time. He made this comment at the launch of the Golf Fitting Centre at the Karnataka Golf Association.
It’s about how the team deals with the expectations from everyone involved. We won a World Cup when it was held in our country, and I believe that any team chosen can win it again. Kapil said that there will be a World Cup in four years and he hopes the players will be ready.
In his career, Kapil played 131 Tests and 225 ODIs. He never had to stop playing because of an injury.
In recent times, cricketers are getting injured more often, even though there are new ideas about staying fit.
Jasprit Bumrah, India’s fastest bowler, has been inactive for almost a year. It is still uncertain when he will come back.
Kapil said we need to take care of players’ workload and injuries because they are playing a lot of cricket these days.
I didn’t have much time to play cricket. Now, these players are spending about 10 months playing cricket. So, taking care of your body is important to prevent getting hurt. Kapil, the captain who won the 1983 World Cup, said that everyone has a different body and needs their own fitness plan to stay healthy.
Kapil is a cricketer who is proud of his ability to perform well against the West Indies, a very strong team from the 80s and 90s.
However, the Caribbeans are not as highly regarded as they used to be. Actually, they didn’t make it to the World Cup this year, which has never happened before in their cricket history.
But Kapil wished that Windies would come back to their successful times.
“It’s sad to see that the West Indies aren’t participating in the World Cup. ” It is difficult to imagine an ODI tournament without them. They have made really good players. Kapil said that he doesn’t know why they are feeling hurt right now, but he hopes they will recover and do well again.
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