ICC Board Meet: India to get maximum share; only 4 overseas players allowed in new T20 leagues

New Delhi, July 13: The Indian cricket board, BCCI, has confirmed its position as the wealthiest cricket organization in the world. This happened when the ICC (International Cricket Council) unanimously approved the revenue sharing system during a board meeting in Durban on Thursday. Furthermore, the ICC has set a limit of four overseas players per team in new tournaments. This is mainly about T20 leagues that are starting everywhere and are a threat to international cricket. The Indian cricket board is expected to earn around $230 million every year for the next four years. This is about 38. 4% of the total revenue, which is at least six times more than what England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) will earn and around six times more than what Cricket Australia (CA) will earn. They are not in the top two positions on the list. The ICC will be investing a lot of money into cricket for the next four years. Each ICC Member will receive more funding to help the sport grow. The BCCI will get a fair share of the funding. Players from associate members will have to be included in new events to prevent T20 specialists from retiring. The host board of a T20 league will have to pay a fee to the player’s home board. There will be penalties for teams that have a slow over-rate in Test cricket. This changes the current limit of 60. Can you please provide the text that needs to be simplified.

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