Liton Das dismissal was the turning point : Mahmudullah

Bangladesh skipper Mahmudullah trusts Liton Das’ excusal in a cheeky pursue cost his side against West Indies on Friday. Bangladesh’s odds of progressing to the last-four look everything except over as they lost a last over spine chiller against West Indies by three runs in Sharjah, drooping to three losses in as numerous apparatuses.

Das made 44 off 43 balls and Mahmudullah stayed unbeaten on 31 off 24 balls and the pair looked all set to present to them their first focuses in the gathering stage before it got away from their hands after the previous was gotten directly at the limit line at long on by Jason Holder.

“I think we were batting great at that stage. The association with Liton was working out positively, however had his shot off Bravo’s last ball gone for six all things being equal, it would have placed us in a superior position. It was a major defining moment, since Liton was set. I think two set batsmen in the last over might have given us a six or a four,” Mahmudullah told columnists after the game.

“I think we were in the game till Liton got out in the nineteenth over. I thought it went for six yet there’s a major benefit in having a truly tall defender in the outfield, who can get. I think it was a critical snapshot of the match. You will have these narrow escapes in T20 games, yet shockingly we were unable to win today. We wanted both Liton and I in the last finished yet having said that, Russell nailed his yorkers very well,” he said, while likewise assuming the fault for not completing the game without help from anyone else.

“I realized that Russell would bowl the last ball in the blockhole. He had four defenders on the leg-side. He bowled two great yorkers off the fourth and fifth conveyances, so I believed that in the event that he misses his length in the last ball, I can make a touch of space to hit him over mid-off or just barely get it through cover or in reverse point. I was unable to execute the last ball, it is my issue,” he said.

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Mahmudullah likewise felt the pitch was difficult to bat on, while the missed gets before additionally set them back.

“No one drops a catch eagerly except for we anticipate that the best fielders should take these risks in significant matches. Yet, we are presently committing these errors reliably. I think we need to work on our getting. It is most certainly a worry.

“It’s anything but a specialized concern. These were all guideline gets that we dropped,” he said.

“It was a troublesome wicket. We saw when we bowled that when the ball was conveyed back of a length, there was low bob and the ball wasn’t hitting on the bat. We bowled well, however we botched a couple of opportunities. We might have taken ten runs off their aggregate, making it a somewhat simpler pursue,” he said.

Mahmudullah had high any expectations of making something happen in this ICC T20 World Cup. All the more so after their new accomplishment at home against New Zealand and Australia.

”We actually have a ton to acquire, yet our expectations of coming to the elimination rounds are thin. We will attempt to win the last two matches. We are completely dedicated on the field, yet we are committing a few errors,” he said.

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“We will play for our pride. We are making a decent attempt to get a success. We will put our beginning and end to win the last two games,” he added.

“I’m disillusioned to let them (fans) down. They have been supporting us all through every one of the games.”

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