Former Pak cricketer Abdul Razzaq said that India can’t compete Pakistan in the T20 World Cup.

Previous all-rounder Abdul Razzaq, who is known for his hazardous remarks, has dropped another bomb, this time in regards to cricketing ties among India and Pakistan, saying that the explanation the Indian cricket crew isn’t having two-sided attaches with Pakistan is on the grounds that they realize they are the second rate group.

Addressing an inquiry from the host: “Do India have the sort of speed bowlers or all-rounders like Pakistan or you feel there is no match?” Razzaq reacted by saying that the sort of ability Pakistan has is interesting, which the Indian cricket crew doesn’t, alluding to the capacity to burn-through and flourish in high-pressure situations.

“I don’t figure India can contend with Pakistan. The sort of ability Pakistan has is totally unique and this I don’t believe is something beneficial for cricket that India and Pakistan are not having matches. It used to be an interesting possibility and offer players the chance to show how much strain they could deal with. So that has disappeared. I feel that had it proceeded, individuals would have discovered that the sort of ability Pakistan has, India doesn’t,” Razzaq had said on ARY News.

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Razzaq’s remarks are not just restricted to the current pack of India and Pakistan cricketers. The previous Pakistan all-rounder figures that throughout the long term, Pakistan have consistently created preferred players over India, and featured his point by drawing correlations between the absolute most prominent at any point to have played the game for the two countries. Razzaq referenced that every one of these are the purposes for India’s choice to not go up against Pakistan any longer.

“India also has a decent group, I’m not uttering a word in any case. Indeed, even they have great players. However, on the off chance that you check out it likely astute, we had Imran Khan, they had Kapil Dev. In the event that you are to think about, Imran Khan was much better. Then, at that point, we had Wasim Akram, they didn’t have a player of that type,” he added.

“We had Javed Miandad, and they had Gavaskar. There is no examination. Then, at that point, we had Inzamam, Yousuf, Younis, Shahid Afridi… they had Dravid, Sehwag. On the off chance that you check out it in general, Pakistan have consistently delivered great players. Every one of these are integral reasons. This is the reason India would prefer not to play against us.”

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India and Pakistan will confront each other on October 24 at the T20 World Cup, the initial time in worldwide cricket since the 2019 World Cup in England.

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